Monthly Social Meeting - Saturday 21st April 2018

BREWERY TOUR - Bedlam Brewery is located just outside of Brighton and their tour will allow us to sample their beers whilst enjoying spectacular views across the South Downs National Park. Discover how they brew using solar power, check out their home-grown hops and learn how they complete the cycle of firkin-to-field-to-fork by donating their spent grain to local farms. The tour will include a presentation gift pack of 6 beers. The cost of this event if £15 including the presentation gift pack.


Start: 11:30am

Venue: Albourne Farm Estate,
Shaves Wood Lane,

Monthly Social Meeting - Saturday 26th May 2018

PAINTBALLING - Fancy running around the woods at the foot of the South Downs shooting your fellow brethren with paintballs? This could well be the event for you! All equipment along with 300 paintballs will be provided for this half day event. There are a variety of games to be played including Plane Crash, The Bridge, Attack and Defend to name but a few. Hot food and drinks are also available on site. The cost of this event is £25.


Start: 9:30am

Venue: Demolition Paintball,
On the A281 near Albourne,
West Sussex,

Monthly Social Meeting - Saturday 30th June 2018

GRAND LODGE TOUR, LONDON - Freemasons have met on this site for over two centuries. The present Freemasons' Hall was built between 1927 and 1932 as a memorial to the 3,000 members, killed during the First World War. It is one of the UK's finest Art Deco buildings. Starting from the Library and Museum we will take a guided tour of the Grand Temple and ceremonial areas. We plan to meet at Brighton station at 10am and travel to and from London by train. The cost of this event is free apart from your travel expenses.


Start: 2:00pm
Venue: United Grand Lodge of England,
Freemasons Hall,
Great Queens Street,

Monthly Social Meeting - September 2018

Following the summer recess, The Pavilion Club members and guests intend to visit a lodge undertaking a first or second degree ceremony at Queens Road, Brighton. This will allow us to meet new brethren and increase the attendance of the meeting we join. We will dine after at The Festive Board. The cost of this event is £21.50. The exact date and time of this event will be confirmed nearer the time.


Start: 5:00pm

Venue: Sussex Masonic Centre,
25 Queens Road,